Product Stewardship

Product Safety Assessments

IHSC can assist your company with evaluating your products for any regulatory and safety issues. We can assist in choosing less hazardous raw materials, ensuring proper labeling and containers (including child resistant or poison prevention packaging), and evaluate for product and region specific regulations.

Classification Summaries

If you are authoring SDS in-house or are evaluating raw materials for in-house labeling needs, IHSC can perform classification summaries to give you the basic GHS (or CLP or HazCom 2012) classification for your chemicals.

California Proposition 65

IHSC has experience in California Proposition 65 labeling and exposure assessments. We can evaluate your products for California Proposition 65 labeling requirements. We can also use your composition and exposure data to provide exposure assessments to support exemptions from labeling.

Conflict Minerals Assessment

The Dodd-Frank Act requires disclosure to the SEC if conflict minerals are used in production of products are necessary for the function of the product. We can help you evaluate your products to ensure compliance with these requirements.

Harmonized Tariff Code Assignment

Exportation and importation of products have trade and tariff consequences based on the source and type of product. IHSC can help you assign appropriate tariff codes for your chemical products and properly classify the country of origin and preference criterion. We can provide NAFTA certificates for these evaluated products.

International Chemical Compliance Assessments

There are many different regulations covering chemicals around the world. Many countries have multiple regulations controlling chemicals in different industries and for different uses. We can help you navigate these different regulations. We can assess your product for international chemical inventory status, REACH and REACH-like registration status, and can help you be aware of any pitfalls for offering your product for sale in a country or region.


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We provide a range of services from authoring data sheets to training to ensuring your company is fully REACH-compliant. Learn more about all we have to offer to help protect your company.

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