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Globally Harmonized System of
Classification and Labeling of Chemicals

IHSC can provide general informational training about the new GHS. This training would be appropriate for those who manage HazCom training in their workplace, or for professional organizations whose members must deal with the new regulations.

Safety Data Sheet Authoring

Personnel at IHSC can train future and current SDS and label authors on region-specific and global authoring requirements. Training for taking the SDS and Label author registry exam is offered.

Workplace Hazard Communication

Training for workers who need to be trained under OSHA requirements (1910.1200). This can cover general awareness training and site-specific hazard training as required by OSHA. This training can also be tailored to train on your site-specific in-house labeling procedures.

Multimodal Transportation Classification

IHSC can train your workers with how to classify hazardous materals for transport under DOT, ICAO, and IMDG regulations. Training can also cover ADR and TDG ig requested. Workers will be trained on basic classification methodology, exemptions, labeling requirements, and packaging. Training conforms to DOT, ICAO and IMDG requirements.

Hazmat Worker Transportation

This training is for employees who work with hazardous materials as defined by DOT, ICAO, and IMDG. Under those regulations, employees who handle, package, or ship hazardous materials must be trained regularly on the regulations. This training conforms to those requirements.


IHSC provides site specific training to meet the OSHA requirements for facilities that have their own first responders for chemical spill. The program meets OSHA requirements and the sites specific needs.

General Safety

IHSC will design and deliver safety and health training programs that meet your specific needs. We evaluate your written programs, tour your facility to become acquainted with your operation, and deliver a program based on your operations and in-house requirements.


The training program takes your specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) assessment and develops a training package that will discuss the hazards that require the PPE, how the PPE works and how to inspect, clean and take care of the PPE issued.


Control of hazardous energy sources is vital to prevent injuries for the accidental start-up of equipment. IHSC training will cover the OSHA regulations, your written program and discussion of each piece of equipment and how it should be locked out.

OSHA 10-hour Construction Safety

Many state and private construction contracts require all workers to have their OSHA 10-hour construction safety training cards. IHSC provides that training but focuses on your specific type of construction. The required sections are covered but we choose the electives that match your type of work.


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